Our Story

Since 1945

Our story begins more than seventy years ago, during the British Mandate in Eretz Israel. In 1935, Fedya and Bracha Feldman came from Poland to Israel and settled in the city of Rehovot. In 1945, the Feldmans had decided to liven up the city of sand dunes and citrus orchards, so they rented a family's living room on Herzel Street and converted it into a small and intimate café, which they named "Kapulsky".


The café soon became a social and political center, and locals and visitors alike have frequented this popular little institution, which became a stopping point for Yishuv leaders on-route to Jerusalem. The café offered its famous Kapulsky cakes and ice creams, prepared freshly and on location by the Feldmans themselves.


The taste of fine ice creams travelled beyond the city of Rehovot, and the demand quickly grew. Other cafés in the area wanted to carry this local delicacy and people in Rehovot wanted to take it home. To facilitate the growing demand, the Feldmans founded a small ice cream factory on the top floor of their own home.

In 1962, the Rehovot Municipality suggested that the Feldmans purchase some land in the city's industrial district to build a factory on. A year later, in 1963, the Feldman's built their extensive factory and called it Felco Ltd - Feldman Ice Creams.


Over the years, the factory grew, technology and machines improved, and the Feldmans began to manufacture a variety of ice creams in different flavors and textures. The Feldmans were not about to compromise the quality of their product when they industrialized their operations. Their "Quality Above All" slogan is the legacy they passed down to their daughters, the late Ms. Nira Feldmanand Mrs.Dina Shalev, and to their grandchildren, who all keep up the family tradition of meticulousness and quality.Mrs. Dina Shalev is the current CEO, working alongside her husband, Mr. Avraham Shalev and their three children, Shay, Orit and Moran.


The factory sits on a little over an acre of land, and produces a range of about two hundred products. The products are icicles, popsicles, ice cream cones, diet ice creams, ice cream snacks, family packs, ice cream for ice cream parlors and the winter-time desert "Manbo", is produced in the factory.


The vision:

In the summer of 2014, Feldman Ice Creams announced a new strategic move. They developed "life style" products, with influences from some innovative, creative, sophisticated and inspiring worlds of content, combining the contemporary healthy way of life with culture, leisure and style. This strategy is manifeste in the launch of series of products in different colors and textures.